Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tooth Fairy Pillow Tutorial

I keep seeing these pillows everywhere. Maybe they have been around awhile and I just started noticing them because I actually have a need for one now. For weeks my 5 year old kept asking when her tooth would fall out. She was spying on me one day and noticed I was looking at Tooth Fairy Pillows and she knew she needed one asap. So we went shopping the next day for a few supplies.

What You Will Need
-12x12 paper
- fabric
- pillow stuffing
- sewing machine or needle and thread
- buttons and chalk

I used a 12x12 sheet of cardstock and just drew out a tooth shape in pencil. Then when I had the shape I liked I outlined it in marker and cut it out. This template is roughly 11x11 in.

Next cut you fabric. You will need 2 tooth fabric pieces. Lay your fabric out with the right side facing up and trace or cut out your shape. Next lay your fabric wrong side facing up and do the same thing. This is so your pieces match up when sewing.

Once your pieces are cut you can add your eyes, mouth, pocket, embroider, whatever you want.
I hand sewn on the button eyes my daughter picked out and machine sewn the mouth. You could easily hand sew this entire pillow so don't panic if you don't have a sewing machine.
Maybe you don't like my pillows face? You and your little one can choose what will work best.
You could very easily stamp on a face using fabric paint.

I traced the mouth onto the fabric with a fabric pencil and used a triple stitch to sew over my outline. I had to stop and adjust the fabric a lot but I love how it came out and it was fairly easy to do.

Next is the pocket. I cut out a triange template for this and then made a strip of bias tape for the top. I used the triple stitch again to sew the pocket into place.

Once everything is where you want it and secure you can then place the pieces of fabric right sides together and sew the edges. I used the triple stitch(can you tell it is one of my favorite stitches) to sew them together, you could easily hand sew this part or you could turn the fabric pieces wrong sides together and do a whip stitch all the way around the pillow. Be sure to leave about a 4-5 in. opening so you can stuff the pillow easily.
Stuffing the pillow is pretty simple, Work with smaller pieces they are easier to move around inside your pillow. Once you have it as fluffy as you like you can close the opening.
To close the pillow I used a simple whip stitch.

Were done! I finished this in about 2 hours, that was with the help of my lovely little assistant.
You can add special details like we did, we used chalk to make rosey cheeks and added a simple fabric bow.

Little Miss finally had a wiggly tooth in early June and wouldn't stop wiggling it, I'm surprised it took a month to fall out, and the next day the one beside it fell out. So the tooth fairy was very busy that week.
This is Evyn with her pillow and gold dollar the Tooth Fairy left her. She had just woken up and was so excited.

!Helpful Tips!
- be sure you add everything you want on the pillow before sewing it together.
- Be creative, let your kids use fabric markers to make their own face, or stamps dipped in fabric paint. Add a fancy touch by embroidering their name or even using a face embroidery design.
- Let your kids help pick out the supplies and help you as much as they can with creating their special pillow.

Let me know if you guys have any questions, I would love to see your pillows so please share. 
Keep checking back for more tutorials and let me know if you have any special requests.


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