Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Honey Lip Balm Recipe. Natural Home-made.

Is anyone else addicted to lip balm? Some of them are so good you could practically eat them!
My lip balm recipe is very natural and safe and well I wouldn't recommend it, you would be a lot better off eating this than some of the balms you can buy in store. I am officially done raiding Bath and Body Works for those $8 tubes of lip gloss. No more for this Mama. I am happy to share my very first natural home-made product.

What you will need:
.5 oz beeswax (unbleached)
1 oz sweet almond carrier oil
1 TBSP honey
lip balm tubes, tins, or jars
microwave safe bowl
syringe or dropper
whisk or fork

First cut your beeswax into small pieces. (I had a 1 oz bar so I only needed half)

Combine beeswax pieces and sweet almond oil in a microwave safe bowl. Heat for 1 minute, stir, then heat for 45 seconds. You might have some big pieces of wax left, just stir with your whisk and they will melt quickly.

Add your final ingredient, the honey, and mix well. You should have a cloudy yellowish color.

Finally the fun part. Fill your syringe with the mixture and pour into your tubes or jars.
Helpful Tip: if the mixture hardens or mashes up just reheat for about 20 seconds. Squeeze what you can out of your syringe and fill back up with your hot mixture, it will melt what didn't squeeze out. (Can you tell I had a bit of issue with this myself?)

Let your lip balm cool for a couple hours then clean off any excess on outsides of the tubes. Now you have your very own natural home-made lip balm.

I just love this stuff! So smooth with a mild honey flavor. This cost me under $9 for 10 tubes! Take that Burt's Bee's ;)

I plan to experiment more with flavors and colored lip balms so please follow this blog and keep an eye out for new recipes.

If anyone has a lip balm recipe of their own they would like to share, please do.

Let me know what you think of this recipe and constructive criticism on my first ever tutorial.

Bye for now!


More Helpful Tips:
- If using tubes like I did, wrap a band around all the tubes, it keeps them from falling over and keeps drips to a minimum.
- When cleaning your syringe or dropper heat some water and add a bit of liquid soap and suck it up to clean out the insides. Melts the wax and washes it right out.
- Expires after 1 year.  

Hello Blog World

Hello Everyone! I’m Bionca, I am new to the blogging world so bear with me as I figure all this out. I am hoping to add fun tutorials, recipes, and anything else I can think up. I have recently decided to take the leap into natural home-made living after years of thinking about it I am ready. If anyone has any recipes, food or other, they would like to share, please do.

Bye for now!